Wax Model and Mold Design

The product for which precision casting shall be made is designed in computer environment and analyzed in simulation programs. After performing necessary controls, mold design is passed. Mold design is processed in CNC machines and  transferredto wax injection machines for pressing wax model.

Wax Injection

The coming molds are connected to the wax injector  and the wax is injected in required pressure and temperatures. After the materials coming out of the mold are inspected, they are transferred to the tables for alignment through trees.

Tree Preparation

 According to the shape specified by engineers, the wax models are adhered to the trees.  The form of alignment has a great importance here.  The trees made are cleaned and transferred to the ceramic section.

Ceramic coating

The trees are covered by ceramic slurry prepared at certain ratios. The coating  process must be performed carefully.  Any errors in these processes can cause problems in following processes. The thickness of the coating, number of coating  and process can be influenced significantly.


Our dried trees are made into final mold through wax drainage under high pressure and temperature in steam boiler called as autoclave.

Baking and Casting

The metal melted down in induction furnaces is poured into ceramic molds at a temperature of 1000 degrees. After every chilling and casting, the material is analyzed in the spectrometer device. After that, it is reported and put into the archive.

Final Product and Quality Control

Products are cut, sandblasted and heat treated  after being poured. Afterwards theyare subjected to the quality control. The finished products are packed and made ready for shipment.