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Orta Anadolu Investment Casting is a specialized company with its facility and provides service to you, our valuable customers in machining, heat treatment and coating.

We always apply the quality management from the product design to the completion of product and we are the solution partner of dear valuable customers.

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Why Us?

Orta Anadolu Investment Casting has the equipment to meet all your requests with  years of experience. It offers you the precision casting service in  the most economical, the best quality and the fastest way.

We are proud to give support you through all stages from design concept to casting simulation and to the 3D CAD design.


Orta Anadolu Investment Casting produces casting parts in piece manufacturing industry with  the precision casting method, according to the type of metal alloy. These types of metal alloy are a wide variety of metals such as stainless steel, superalloy steel, alloyed and unalloyed steel, aluminum and copper group. Complex casting parts in precision casting can be produced with excellent surface quality and  withhigh measurement precision.

We have the experience of preparing your design carefully and producing your piece according to the type of material being accredited by TQA, IAS and IAF accredited with ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation. Especially what makes us different form other rival companies is to offer you the best quality material in the fastest and most economical way.

Our manufacturing plant in Konya has the equipment to meet your requirements and it is equipped with a team of experienced engineers  who are working with quality standards to obtain the highest quality products.


In the precision casting method, a mold is used which is formed by covering around the melted wax model with a refractory slurry that is hardening at room temperature. The model mold is melted down and mold cavity is formed. These formed molds are baked at high temperatures and filled with molten metal. Then, cutting, sanding and surface treatments are performed.

The generated piece as a result of that  provides efficiently important design flexibility in terms of cost effectiveness to produce complex products with excellent dimensional accuracy and surface quality compared to other manufacturing methods. Our  foundry can be made from a great variety of materials, but stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum cast alloys are the most common options.


It is possible to have mass production of complex shaped parts with this method that are difficult or sometimes impossible to manufacture by conventional casting methods and machining.

It enables to obtain higher dimensional accuracy,  smoother surface and finer detail parts more precisely than other  casting methods.

The method can be applied to all metals that can be melted down and cast

Pieces  from 5 gr to 50 kg can be manufactured by this method.

Pieces obtained by precision casting can be used almost without additional processing.

Faster production can be made by minimizing tool cost.

The material is tougher  andmore durable.


You can call  +90 332 502 17 33  or send an e-mail to  info@ortanadoluhassasdokum.com.tr for more information about Investment Casting or to produce your piece with the Investment Casting